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About our Vent A Hood Kitchen Exhaust / Ventilation Cleaning Service

 Vent A Hood cleaning done right. Serving the Dallas / Fort Worth and surrounding areas.

 We take great pride in customer satisfaction, and follow the NFPA #96 code 11.4.2 standards.

 Our company runs only the top of the line equipment the industry has to offer, along with the best chemicals for Vent A Hood cleaning.

Your system will always be cleaned from Top to Bottom: Upblast Fans, Grease Ducts, Grease Filters, and the Vent A Hood itself.

The stainless steel vent a hood is polished inside in out.

 All work is preformed after business Hours. After the job is completed a Certificate of Performance decal is placed on your hood for Fire Inspectors or any AJH also known as Authority Having Jurisdiction that your system has been cleaned to NFPA 96 Standards.

 Also, an After Service Follow-Up report is sent to the customer explaining problem areas of the system that should be addressed if any are found,  along with digital photos & video  to help the customer quickly and easily see the problem. This information can also be accessed online anytime


 National Fire Protection Association NFPA 96 Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations

 NFPA 96 requires regular maintenance of the kitchen exhaust system in order to provide a reasonable level of protection from loss of life and property from fire and explosion.

 These requirements also include, but are not limited to all manner of cooking equipment, exhaust hoods, grease removal devices, exhaust ductwork, exhaust fans, dampers, fire extinguishing equipment, and all other auxiliary or ancillary components or systems that are involved in the capture, containment and control of grease laden cooking effluent.


 Our proven methods removes grease and flammable residues from the interior surfaces of the vent a hoods canopy, plenum, filters, ducts and exhaust fans, ensuring compliance with all applicable municipal, state and National Fire Protection Association codes, specifically NFPA Standard No. 96 Code 11.4.2.
 Compliance with NFPA 96 is verified by a Certificate of Performance, which is posted on the hood canopy in plain view of the Fire Marshall, Department of Health, or Insurance Agent.

Benefits of a properly cleaned system

  • Reduced risks of kitchen fires

  • Enhanced working environment for kitchen staff

  • Improved ventilation for smoke and odor removal

  • Lower insurance premiums offered by some insurance companies

  • Compliance with local and national fire and health codes

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